Erdahl Aerial Photos: Minneapolis, MN

Digital Graphics and Labelling

Using the latest digital techniques, we can help you present your aerial images in the clearest possible way. The addition of highway signs, boundary outlines, street names, building names, and directional arrows provides context and focus for your aerial view. In meetings and presentations, your audience will quickly grasp where the subject property is located in relation to nearby landmarks, routes and other amenities.

Erdahl Aerial Photos: Digital Graphics indicates commercial site in Chaska, Minnesota
Commercial real estate in Chaska, MN
Digital Graphics uses red arrow to indicate the property's position relative to other commercial sites.
Erdahl Aerial Photos: Digital Graphics outlines Bass Lake Woods Office Park, Bass Lake Woods, Minnesota
Bass Lake Woods Office Center, Bass Lake Woods, MN is outlined by digital graphics to show it in relation to major roads and other local landmarks.

For brochures and reports, aerial photographs combined with digital graphics provide impact and focus, making it clear where the point of interest lies. Our experienced designers can help you create your next presentation or brochure. In communication, a digital picture is worth a thousand words!

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