Erdahl Aerial Photos: Minneapolis, MN

Vertical Aerial Photography

Erdahl Aerial Photos has joined forces with DigitalGlobe to bring you the highest quality, seamless digital aerial photography available in the marketplace today.

The true color, high resolution, seamless digital ortho-rectified aerial images are a valuable tool for real estate professionals, transportation agencies, planning officials, engineering and environmental consultants, state and local municipalities, and virtually anyone who needs high quality imagery at the best possible price.

Zooming into the details: Hubert H. Humphrey (HHH) Metrodome The award winning interface, PhotoMapper™, allows you to manipulate thousands of square miles of high resolution imagery in real-time on any Windows-based computer system. PhotoMapper is fast, efficient and very easy to use. With virtually no training, you too can produce awesome aerial information in just a few minutes!

An entire city displays on your computer screen in just a few seconds, and in a few more seconds, you can enlarge the photography to a scale of 1" = 300ft. Every effort has been taken to make PhotoMapper the fastest, easiest viewer of its kind. Multiple photographs are blended together to form a seamless image of the entire area.

Current Coverage for Minnesota and North Dakota

Minneapolis & St. Paul
Photo Date: Fall 2007
Area: 5370 sq.miles
Pixel GSD: 1 Foot
Photo Date: July 2003
Area: 4450 sq.miles
Pixel GSD: 2 Foot
Photo Date: June 2003
Area: 12600 sq.miles
Pixel GSD: 2 Foot

What is an ortho-rectified aerial image?

Orthorectification is a procedure that corrects geometric distortion and relief displacement in aerial photography. Variations in the terrain surface (ground relief or topography) and the perspective view of the camera lens cause these distortions. Orthorectification corrects that so the imagery accurately represents features on the ground in their true positions. This enables distances and objects to be measured with confidence.

Orthophotos will accurately show what is on the ground at the time the photograph was taken. Features on the ground, such as roads and rivers, will line up.

PhotoMapper Features

Real-Time pan and zoom throughout imagery
Locate by address, intersection, zip code or city
Full Annotation – drawing, text, symbols, regions, logos
Measuring tool – distance and area in any unit
Auto labeling – streets, cities, counties, and more
Store and place personalized graphics
Import SHP, MID/MIF and DXF files as layers
Export GeoTIFF, JPEG, BMP, AVI files
Image Reprojection to different coordinate systems
Instantly clip and paste images into documents.
Email efficient jpg files export at 25 – 200K
Simple layer control for imagery and data overlays
Print current view or layout window
Layout window – supports editable image insets
Create animated AVI zooms or image sequence
Live GPS tracking over imagery
Reverse geocode from placed graphic objects
HotLink any file type to symbols on the map- docs, URL’s and pictures